Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great cigars of the world

It has become a fashion or a trend to smoke the most expensive brands of cigars. Expensive cigars are a symbol of success and celebration. But do we really know the most expensive cigars in the world? The cigars made in Cuba are considered to be the best cigars in the world. Recently, Altadis was launched in Spain the most expensive cigars for sale in the world. The expensive cigar is named “Behike” after the sorcerer of the Cuban pre Colombian Taino tribe. The cost of 40 cigars allegedly retails for around $18,846. The most expensive cigar would cost you $420 for each smoke.
Some of the other best and most expensive brands of cigars available in the world are listed below.

Cohiba Behike – Made with the best decorative materials in the world
H. Upmann – Most famous brand of Cigar in the world
La Gloria Cubana – Very old brand dated from 1885
Montecristo – Most famous of the Havana brands
Romeo Y Julieta – Developed in 1875, it is the most widely known and appreciated brand in the world
Vegas Robaina - Characterized by excellent aroma, wonderful presentation and a fine burn.

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