Friday, June 13, 2008

Smart Pills

Are you a person who take medication on a regular basis and feel that it is an waste of time for you? Wont you feel happy if a new system is invented for taking care of your medication automatically? Well, the days of such systems are not far away.
Scientists are developing microchips and polymer pouches which can release drugs into your body when you need them against specific cells that trigger the disease. One such advancement is the Smart Pill, a single drug put in a polymer pouch that detects chemical signals in the body to prompt the release of drugs at desired therapeutic levels, avoiding the need for frequent administration. The pill doesn't release the drugs it orchestrates their release.
Already, this system has been followed to combat certain cancer, heart disease and schizophrenia. Another advancement in the system is the use of microchips plaed under the skin to deliver drugs ranging from pain medication to chemotherapy. These chips, presently in advanced stages of trials are desinged with tiny doors loaded with multiple drugs and covered with caps. An electrical signal much like a remote control from the outside the body dissolves the caps and releases the medication.
If these pills were successfully developed, then it would definitely create a revolution in the medical field.

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