Monday, June 16, 2008

Hybrid Car in India

With the Toyota's hybrid car Prius, getting a grand welcome in US, its rival in hybrid manufacture Honda has planned to target India. But it is not going to release a new model rather it is going to bring in the hybrid technology to the Honda Civic. The Honda Civic hybrid is no different from the ordinary Civic in its external appearence. They have a made a small changes like bigger tyres for better grip etc. Civic hybrid is 1399cc 94 bhp a lot lesser compared to the ordinary civic ( 1799cc 130bhp ) but the Civic hybrid has got a 20bhp electric motor. So, its net power comes to 114bhp. It is 80 kg more than the ordinary model. Interiors are the same like the ordinary version. But since the battery is behind the seats, the boot space has been reduced.
To save fuel, Honda has introduced a new method. When the car is stopped at one place, the engine is autmatically shut down. So, again when you press the accelerator, the car gets turned on. Even after turning off the engine, the AC works in Civic hybrid. When compared in performance, the ordinary civic gets the credit. But for city riding, the Civic hybrid is the right choice.
With all these merits one should feel happy to buy this car. But on hearing the price some may back off because it is much costly than the ordinary civic. So, if you have a heavy pocket, you could definitely buy this car not just for fuel efficiency but also for a greener earth.

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