Sunday, June 15, 2008

Indian designs a Flying Saucer

Here is what i read in the local newspaper.
A scientist of indian origin from the university of Florida in the US has conceptualized the design for a plasma propelled flying saucer. The scientist in question is Subrata Roy, University of Florida mechanical and aerospace engineering associate professor. Roy has submitted a patent application for a circular, spinning aircraft design reminiscent of the spaceships seen in countless hollywood films. He calls his design a "wingless electromagnetic air vehicle" or "WEAV". The proposed prototype is small, the aircraft will measure less than six inches across and will be efficient enough to be powered by on board batteries. The propulsion system for Roy's saucer sprouts from his extensive US airforce funded plasma actuator research.
According to Roy, the design can be scaled up and theoretically should work in a much larger form. Even in miniature, though, the design has many uses. The most obvious functions would be surveillance and navigation. The aircraft could be designed to carry a camera and light and be controlled remotely at great distances.
Well, if he does succeed in creating the flying saucers, then the Martians can expect UFO's in their planet. LOL!!!

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