Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Useful Google tips - 2

I have posted some useful google tips in my blog already. You can very well find it out here. Since i was bored to type, dint continue with it and now i thought of continuing it. So, here are the other useful google tips.

Get your day's schedule in Mobile
For this, you have to set up your mobile with google calendar. This can be found under Settings -> Mobile. Once you have set your mobile, just send a message "day" to the number 48368 and you will be notified with your day's schedule.

More Reading Space
If you feel the left sidebar of gmail annoying or feel like need space, just press the U key and you will see the sidebar removed. To bring back the sidebar on, just press the U key again.

Send EXE files
Google has always been concerned about protecting its users computer from viruses. Sometimes this cautionary approach of google surely annoys us especially if we want to mail a friend some .exe files, .dll files etc. Even if we zip it and send google finds it out. To avoid this, just change the extension of the filename to something like .txt, attach and send the file. And ask your email receiver to change it back to .exe or whatever after downloading the attachment.

Search your emails
With a huge mail space provided by Gmail, a lots of email gets cluttered in our inbox and if we want a specific email to look up on, then you can use the search option in gmail. You can narrow down your search by specifying "to:, from:, subject:" etc. And also using "labels:, after:, before: " if you want to search between certain dates.

Google presentations
If you work on presentations in Google docs, then you can directly publish it on webpages using the code generated to embed in the webpage. You can also save it as a pdf file to send it to others.

How much do you read?
Are you having the habit of reading news from RSS? Then find out how much you have read with the help of Google Reader which provides info on RSS subscriptions, what all you have read, shared, emailed etc.

Advanced Search
Google's advanced search spells out all operators, wildcards, restrictions and more you can use while searching.

Alright, hope this is enough for now. Just few tips remaining and i'll post them later. If you want some other Gmail Tips, check it out here.