Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to make your exit from a party?

After a fun filled evening, it is important how you all it a day. There may be times when you have to leave early and it is important to do it without offending the host or the party spirit? If you know before the event that you will have to leave early, let your host know as soon as possible.  Ideally you should mention it in your initial response to the invitation. If something unexpected happens on the day which means you will have to leave early, you should inform your host as soon as you arrive. Simply apologize and explain the situation.

When the time comes to leave, you should aim to make you exit as quiet as possible. Don’t make big announcements as this may prompt others to think about leaving, thus disturbing the partying mood. Say a few quiet good byes to your close friends or the people you have been speaking to then go and find the host. You have to make sure that you say good bye to the host before you leave. Thank them explaining that you enjoyed the party but that you have to leave. Try to find a particular aspect of the party that you liked and compliment them on it. Then make your exit swift and silent. 

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