Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cars with internet?

Internet – the word that is ruling the world now. But it has its own limitations. You can't not browse the internet when you are on the move atleast out of an wireless network. Especially when you are driving a car and need to look after your business, send some important mails etc. But the days of internet in your car is no longer. Yes, you can get internet connection in your car but have to wait for this to happen. American automobile manufacturer Chrysler has plans to equip its cars with a system that will enable people to surf the internet while driving. The Uconnect web system is what the company says can bring the wireless internet access to cars’ dashboard. Officials at Chrysler have revealed that Uconnect web uses cellular and WiFi technology to provide instant access to the internet on the move. According to them anyone on the car will be able to check mail, download music, play games and even upload photos. But the company wants to know whether its customers wants such a system to browse behind the wheels. Some other researchers believe that this technology can be used to make cars communicate with themselves so that they could provide increased safety, relieve congestion and manage traffic. Well, if this kind of system do come to exist, then surely it would be cause a revolution in both the automobile and communication fields.

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