Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Useful Google tips - 1


If you wanna search blogs not just google owned blogger sites, but also other blogs, use this

Remove dead sites

If you find some sites outdated or dead, you can very well remove it from google's search by reporting it to google. The link used for this is www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

Print Calendars to PDF

If you have been using google calendar, you can very well print it into a pdf by clicking the "print" link at the top of calendar. Once the formatting is set for the first time, a pdf is generated every month for automatically which can be printed, emailed etc.

Auto update of spreadsheet data

Google docs' spreadsheets can automatically update the datas in its cells such as population count, stock tips etc using goole lookup fuction. To learn more about this,check the functions category in this link.

Convert pdf into editable text

Send the pdf you wish to convert to your gmail. Sign in your gmail id and then open the sent attachement by clicking the "View as HTML" option. Copy paste the opened text in a word processor and there you go, your pdf is now editable.

Search a single site

Using this option, you can search for things in a single site say for rapdishare use this

software site:rapidshare.com

Exact search words
If you donot want any result containg a particular word, use the hyphen ( - ) to mention the word that you donot want to include in your search. Eg. graphics card-ati
hmmm....i feel bored to type the remaining google tips. so, will post those tips later in here. If you want Gmail tips, check it out here.

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