Friday, May 30, 2008

Interview Question - What are your outside interests?

This question can also be put in this fashion "what are your hobbies?". This might seem a piece of cake for everyone, would you believe if i say that my friend din't get recruited because of this question?. He has mentioned some hobbies in his resume and when the interviewer asked about his hobbies, he said someother thing which led to his downfall. And an interviewer can use this question to look into your inner qualities.

TRAPS: You want to be a well-rounded, not a drone. But your potential employer would be even more turned off if he suspects that your heavy extracurricular load will interfere with your commitment to your work duties.

BEST ANSWERS: Try to gauge how this company’s culture would look upon your favorite outside activities and be guided accordingly.

You can also use this question to shatter any stereotypes that could limit your chances. If you’re over 50, for example, describe your activities that demonstrate physical stamina. If you’re young, mention an activity that connotes wisdom and institutional trust, such as serving on the board of a popular charity.

But above all, remember that your employer is hiring your for what you can do for him, not your family, yourself or outside organizations, no matter how admirable those activities may be.

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