Friday, May 16, 2008

Planning for summer hangout?

Its the time of the year where most of us gets disinterested in our job and think of going on a vacation for relaxing ourselves from the hectic life and also to stay away from the heat. So, when you plan for an vacation make sure you do the following to make your vacation or a picnic ,enjoyable.

  • First choose your venue. Choose a venue that make you and your family relaxing and for kids make it an enjoyable one.
  • Once you planned your venue, then make all the arrangements regarding the day of picnic, mode of transportation for the spot etc.
  • Once your venue and the time is fixed its time to get ready. Make sure you are equipped with all necessary things such as dresses, camera, mats, paper sheets etc. If you plan to go to a beach, then take an umbrella and caps without fail.
  • Donot forget to equip youself with plenty of hand towels, paper napkins and dont forget to carry a garbage bag to carry away disposables.
  • Plan a menu based on number of picnic party members. Make sure you take ample amount of eatables and water.
  • If you are going for a beach, take extra clothings incase if your attire gets wet.

I know these tips doesn't guide for an entire picnic. But these are the things to be noted if you plan for your picnic. So, plan your picnic well and have a nice time.

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