Friday, May 2, 2008

Five Hottest Cellphones

I got a chance to find an article on the five hottest cellphones and thought of sharing it on my blog. so, here is the list of the hottest cellphones. The details about the phones are from my web search and i am not responsible if any of the feature is false or outdated. Jus wanna share my knowledge with others.


The MUSIC PORTER X from Mitsubishi for NTT DoCoMo FOMA features a 1GB in-built memory that allows up to 700 tunes to be stored on the phone. This is the 28th Symbian OS-based mobile phone shipped in Japan.

The music experienced is enhanced by the addition of an FM radio as well the Mobile Broad Casting Service (MobaHO!) which is the satellite digital multimedia broadcasting service for personal and mobile device use. This service allows users to listen to the latest music in Japan and other countries. Users can also adjust the treble settings of the music and can identify their favourites for easy play.

The MUSIC PORTER X supports a wide variety of music formats such as MP3, AAC, ATRAC 3 and ATRAC 3plus and software is bundled to help users load their existing music collection onto their phones.

A visual display allows users to view and manage their music as they are playing it.

The phone also offers a camera and access to the i-channel services.


If your one of those conspiracy theories nuts who believe that the government is listening and recording to your conversation (no matter how mundane the stuff is) then you will love the Vectrotel X8, a GSM cell phone which has been manufactured by a Swiss company called Vectrotel. This phone is able to encrypt your conversations thanks to an unbreakable cypher.

Its not as simple as it sounds. For starters you require two cell phones and for placing a secure call the company performs a 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman shared secret exchange to produce a 128-bit key which only the two phones know and share. According to the company this key cannot be deciphered and you would require 1019 years to decrypt the message when there are 1000 computers at work. For enhanced security the company displays a calculated HASH checksum too.

The X8 in spite of its ultra cool features looks just like an regular mobile phone and includes a 1.3 megapixel camera. It also has features like a high-resolution display, connectivity options like IR, Bluetooth and USB , 5 hours of regular talk time and 4 hours of encrypted talk time.


Samsung P900 is a feature packed hanset that comes with 2 megapixel camera, 2.2″ 240×320 262K Color display, video recording and messaging capabilities and Mp3 player.

However the most exciting feature of this mobile phone is a built in Digital Media Broadcast receiver that lets you watch live TV programs. 2.2″ QVGA screen is able to display pictures at 30 frames per second making TV images clear and flicker-free. The screen also rotates to horizontal position for more optimal viewing.

Samsung P900 comes with Electronic Program Guide for easy

navigation through different TV channels. With 128MB of internal memory and optional microSD memory card you can record favorite shows for later viewing, transforming this cellphone into mini DVR in your pocket.

NEC N908

NEC have announced the NEC N908, a new mobile that's the same size as a credit card. Not the same width, mind - at 12.8mm thick, it's nearly twice the width of Samsung's record-breaking super-thin phone th Samsung X828. But as you can see from the pics, the N908 has the same length and height as a credit card - it'll just look a bit odd in your wallet!

Well, despite being tiny,
NEC have managed to squeeze in the gubbins necessary to drive a touchscreen, letting you access all the phone's features without having to add ot the phone's tiny size. And, being a mobile phone, they've also squeezed in an MP3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and USB connection as well.


What sets the N902iS apart from other camera phones is its integrated search engine feature, users can take pictures and have them automatically uploaded to a Japanese search engine called "Evolution Robotics", for sharing or later retrieval. This handset includes an external 4.0-megapixel camera, internal 0.3-megapixel camera, 2.5-inch QVGA+ display, and a miniSD card slot. It measures 104 x 51 x 23mm and weighs approx. 114g.

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