Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you love chocolates?

If so, then do you know how much medicinal value it has? Here are some reasons why you should have a bit of chocolate in your daily diet.

  • Cocoa, the main composition of chocolate restores vitality, promote virility and longevity. The cocoa butter coats the teeth and prevents plaque. The anti bacterial agents in cocoa prevents pot belly.
  • Cocoa has large amounts of Polyphenol, which dilates the blood vessels when nitric oxide is produced in arteries and relaxed them. Thus it makes arteries open up and bring the pressure under control.
  • Dark chocolates has a drastic effect on cholesterol. Though chocolate is known for its large cholesterol content, stearic acid in it control from having any adverse effect on cholesterol level. This property of dark chocolate has helped it to be named as one of the heart healthiest foods along with wine, fish, fruits, vegetables, garlic and almonds.
  • Chocolate increases insulin sensitivity in an individual especially with the aged.
  • Here comes the most interesting part. If you are in love, chocolate helps you a lot. Phenyl ethylamine in chocolate is a mild mood elevator. So, whenever you give your partner some chocolates, be prepared for anything!!! lol...jus kidding.

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