Thursday, May 29, 2008

Loose your body weight

I have already posted "tips to reduce body weight" and "burn your fat". Here is some more tips to shed those extra pounds.

The main thing in loosing your body weight is to eat right. Here are some tips on what to have inorder to reduce your body weight.

Ice cold water

Iced water when drunk helps in burning the calories when it gets heated to body temperature. So, have atleast 2 litres of ice cold water a day. Hunger pangs that arise frequently are thirst pangs and so drinking a lot of water makes you eat less. Adding lemon to iced water helps in cleansing your liver and also water makes kidneys flush out wastes quicker.

Green tea

Having around 5 cups of green tea increase burning your calories as high as 8 calories a day.

Chilli sauce and mustard

These increase calorie burning about 5 to 10 percent because they contain capsaicin which speeds metabolism.

Low fat diary foods

As said in my earlier post, always have low fat diary foods. They increase metabolism in abdominal area.


Eating fibre foods makes your bowel work properly and makes you feel full. Have atleast 25gms of fiber rich foods each day such as strawberries, apples, brown rice, chick peas, potatoes (with skins).

Cooled salads

Eating cooled salads helps you in preventing extra inches and helps you stay fresh.

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