Friday, May 16, 2008

Madonna - Hard Candy - Review

I have been watching the ad of Madonna's latest album "hard candy" in the tv while watching the ipl. That song really sounded nice and so i just wanted to know how the album is. while i was thinking to buy the album, i got to read the review of the album in the newspaper and here it is.

"The famous singer had lost the plot in her 11th album. She does start off right roping in hitmakers The neptunes, timbaland, nate 'danja' hills, justin... But after two standout tracks - synth infused dance track candy shop and futuristic funky duet 4 minutes with justin - it all starts to sound the same. Give it to me, the next single slated for media blitzkrieg, is an uptempo pop parade while the ballad incredible suffers from sound overkill. By the time kanye west - starrer Beat goes on comes on you have lost interest cos of dejavu... "

so, do i have to buy the album or wat?? Though it costs Rs. 395 here in India, i think i should give it a try atleast for the name "Madonna" !!!

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