Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beauty tip - How to remove make-up?

Here are some important tips to keep in mind while removing make up.

Start by removing your eye make up, mascara specially the waterproof one, can be very difficult to remove as it is designed for staying power. An excellent solution for this is baby shampoo. Apply it to a cotton ball or to your finger tips, close your eyes and carefully rub downward on the lashes. Repeat for few times but do not stretch the delicate skin around the eye. You could also use wet wipes for the same but never use regular makeup remover on the eyes.

Use a good face cleanser for the rest of your face. Avoid using soap unless unless it is specially designed for the face.

Another option to remove facial make up is by using baby oil. A majority of cosmetics are oil - soluble and this makes baby oil an excellent solution to get rid of traces of eye make up, blush and foundation. simply apply a little bit of baby oil to a tissue and gently wipe all over the face until the makeup is gone. You dont even need to use soaps after this, just rinse your face with cool water.

However, if you have used make up remover, rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove all traces of the cleanser. Rinse your face a number of times and dry it off with towel.

Toning of skin is a very important step. Lavishly use oil free astringents, ones appropriate for you skin type. Apply it with a cotton ball and wipe till clean. Toners are very important as they remove traces of make up, oil and dirt that cleansers may have missed. Toners also work to reduce pores, eliminate oil and refine skin.

Now that you have successfully removed all your make up, make sure you follow up this procedure with moisturising your skin. This step is just as important as the rest of the procedure.

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