Monday, May 19, 2008

Top 4 Gadgets for your car

Car freaks doesnt go mad for driving their cars at top speed but also to give their car a head on the latest gadgets available. With a lots and lots of goodies available for the cars, the most popular gadgets that every car freak would like to have are very few. These goodies may sound common to people in foreign countries, but in India these are add ons that one would like to have in their car. If you are from outside India, you could very well forget this post.

4.Power Windows
After all who wishes to work out their biceps inside the car by rolling the window crankers up and down. Motorised windows are now almost standard, in most mainstream production cars with only the cheapest city cars and budget runarounds having wind up windows these days.

3.Parking Sensors
We still remember laughing our heads off at new learners, elderly aunties and the hopeless cases that made use of parking sensors. But using a beeper to reverse without craning the neck a bit was too good a tech to miss. Squeezing into tiny gaps and snaking through curvy bylanes ws never easier. These sensors are not found in Indian cars.

2.Music Player
Who doesn't like to ride with a heart bumping bass on a highway? With the state of the art music players with replete speaker sets, car freaks like to keep entertained on the move.

1.Satellite Navigation
In India, GPS hasn't been widely implemented as in other foreign countries. For those as yet uninitiated in car terminology, this locator device takes a fix on the car's position, speed and direction of travel from satellite and directs you to the destination road by road. More advanced versions use 3D on a large display screen.

Well, if you own a car, and any of these top gadgets are missing, think of giving yourself one.

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