Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burn your fat

Few days back i have posted some tips to reduce body weight. Well, here are more tips on burning that extra fat.

Starting your day with exercise helps a lot in burning fat. After 6 hours of sleep all carbohydrates are used up by the body and in the early morning when you exercise, then the body burn up fat for energy thus helping in reducing the fat.

Never forget to have your breakfast
The morning meal initiates the metabolism. So always have a low fat breakfast.

Low fat breakfast
What do i mean by low fat breakfast? Go for herbs and lime instead of mayo salad dressings. Grilling, steaming and microwaving are better than deep or shallow frying.

What not before bedtime?
Avoid sugar and highly processed items at bedtime. These include bread, candies, snacks etc. Eating these foods immediately before sleeping will result in increased fat accumulating in the body and slows down the fat burning process.

Never starve
Never avoid your food for the reason of getting slimmer. Have small amounts of food before you get hungry thereby allowing you to eat less. Smaller meals at regular intervals helps in burning calories.

Walk for atleast 10 minutes after each meal or 30 minutes in the evening

Stay active
To burn more fat avoid technologies. I mean use stairs instead of elevator, have a walk if you wanna go for a store instead of using a vehicle etc.

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