Friday, May 16, 2008

Alternate fuel vehicles

In chennai, one litre petrol costs almost rupees 50 and yet there is a great demand for petrol which make us think that in few years petrol might go costlier than gold. Though most of the nations are trying to figure out to meet the demands of fuel, a few techies have made vehicles tat use alternate energy resources. Of which, i like few of them.

Venturi Fetish
This limited edition convertible was the first electric sports car to reach production. Though it wasnt meant for mass production, it took designing of alternate fuel vehicles a step ahead. It became popular because of its high performance. Coming from renowned sports car makers, it is a very interesting machine.

Tesla Roadster
This is a revolutionary car because it not only worries the fellow car makers but also the oil companies. It was built in England by Lotus. It has a very good chassis and amazingly spruced up stuff under its hood. It is not cheap, 'cos of its cutting edge technology and very great things found in it.Twike
The Twike doesn't look like a normal car. Running on 3 wheels, its a great choice in those cities where the pollution level is very high. Powered by an electric motor, it has low carbon emission standards and the best thing about this car is that it is easy to control. The controls are by means of a joystick with fingertip access to acceleration, steering, brakes, turn indicators etc.

With these type of technologies rapidly evolving, the future demand for petrols could be met easliy, i think. Anyway lets hope for science to lead us to a great future.

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